Value Investing in the Blockchain

Welcome to my curated monthly newsletter on understanding value in the blockchain, including cryptocurrency market. I believe the blockchain will disrupt industry as much as the internet itself did. I am not a financial advisor and don’t play one on the internet, so this is not financial advice. Instead, I’d like to learn, share and discuss how to make sustainable investment choices. I’ll share the most educational articles that helped me climb the learning curve, as well as my investment deal notes.

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Issue 01: The Fundamentals

The inaugural issue contains the most foundational articles that help understand what the blockchain is and its disruptive potential, as well as a refresher on Benjamin Graham’s (Warren Buffet’s personal mentor) value-investing principles.

Quote of the month
In the land of blockchains, developers are legislators, miners are executors, and users are judges. All are free to come and go.
~Naval Ravikant
Issue 02: Coming soon